Tech Training

Garmin vivomove Trend

I’ve now used the Trend for 4 days and recorded 6 activities (walking) and I have to say, I’m a bit dispointed. The treadmill activity, after calibrating against an NPE Runn module, is reasonably accurate. Outdoor walking, however, is rather puzzling. Even with the connected GPS (Pixel 7 Pro), the distance is about 12% off


New Passport Stamps

It’s been quite a few years since I was able to add a new stamp to any of my passport galleries. On my way home from a recent camping trip to Oregon Inlet, I pulled into the Bodie Island Lighthouse because, well, it’s a lighthouse and I never grow tired of lighthouses no matter how


Oregon Inlet Campground (Aliner)

Being early November, I anticipated cooler temperatures and even came prepared with a new (and quieter) electric heater for the nights. As it turned out, the weather was perfect-high 70’s during day, 60’s during the night, and hardly a cloud in the sky. You couldn’t ask for a better weekend on the Outer Banks. There



I recently did a day trip to York River State Park to check out the hiking and mountain biking trails and stumbled onto something kind of neat. I noticed a odd contraption mounted on the railing an overlook for viewing Taskinas Creek. As you can in the photo, you place your smartphone in the cradle

Gear Reviews

Raising my Cooler Game

After I don’t know how many years with inexpensive, department store coolers, I finally realized there was I reason I had to buy a bag of ice every day if I wanted to keep my food cold for the entire weekend. And although I own quite a few YETI mugs and tumblers, I hadn’t been