Lake Erie – July, 2012

Almost twenty years later, the project continues.

As you can see above, I skipped the section between Detroit and Toledo. Three days of incessant headwind and no good route from Windsor, Ontario into Detroit and then down Toledo had me just about ready to bail. As it turned out, I was able to rent a car with a drop-off in Toledo and eliminate the leg of the trip that I simply wasn’t that excited about. If I had been able to go all the way back to Sandusky, I would have done so. And although the last day was once again into a demoralizing headwind, the final miles from Toledo and ferry rides between the islands and into Sandusky made it worthwhile. I’m already looking into a short loop between Sandusky, Pelee Island, Leamington and then around the western section of the lake to close the 40 mile gap and complete the route.