Likes & Dislikes: Final Surge

If you’re looking for an alternative to Garmin Connect or TrainingPeaks for scheduling and managing your multi-sport workouts, you may want to give Final Surge a try. Think of as a “lite” version of the a premium (paid) version of TrainingPeaks. You can schedule workouts in advance, build structured workouts, there’s a new Garmin CIQ app for sync’ing workouts to a compatible device, and, best of all, it’s free.

As usual, this is not a review or recommendation. It’s simply an ongoing list of the features and capabilities that I like and dislike about Final Surge. Your mileage may vary…

What I Like…

  • Well, first and foremost, it’s free! For athletes, anyway.
  • The Garmin CIQ app works well. And once the site gets the ability to save structured workouts in your library, it will get a lot more use.
  • The mobile app is pretty well designed and easy to use.

What I Dislike…

  • Structured workouts can’t be saved to your Workout Library. Rumor has it that this will be included in an upcoming release.
  • No equipment tracking. Not really a big deal, but it’s nice to have things like shoes and bikes tracked just to have an idea when you can easily justify spending some money on new stuff.
  • No TSS (Training Stress Score)
  • Sync from Garmin Connect is a bit unpredictable. Sometimes the activity shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. This could be a Garmin Connect issue or a Final Surge issue – difficult to tell.
  • Although I like the “beta” version of the calendar, there’s no way to import a workout (ie: .fit or .tcx) without switching back to the production version.

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