Aliner Renovation – Number Two

Several years ago I undertook my first major renovation for my 2006 Aliner Sportliner. I basically replaced the table and cabinet tops, which were beginning to warp as particle board is prone to do, and resurfaced the cabinet faces to undo some modifications made by the previous owner. I decided to finish the panels with

Camping Travel

A Few More NPS Stamps

I spent my second weekend at Bear Creek Lake State Park – this time to participate in a Saturday morning conference in Lynchburg. About an hour from Cumberland County, it’s a nice drive to Lynchburg and, following the conference, I took the opportunity to drop by the Appomattox Court House NHS and bag another stamp.

Tech Training

Garmin vivomove Trend

I’ve now used the Trend for 4 days and recorded 6 activities (walking) and I have to say, I’m a bit dispointed. The treadmill activity, after calibrating against an NPE Runn module, is reasonably accurate. Outdoor walking, however, is rather puzzling. Even with the connected GPS (Pixel 7 Pro), the distance is about 12% off