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It looks like 2010 is shaping up to be a pretty active year for me.  If things work out in the next few weeks, I’ll be heading out to Durango, Colorado for a little alpine training with Southwest Adventure Guides in the San Juan Mountains in late February or early March.

Although I haven’t worked up any exact dates, I’m hoping to put together a multi-day kayak trip as well as a multi-day bike tour this spring or summer.  Still working up the details but both will probably be fairly local and last 3 to 4 days.

The bike legs are coming back and I’m looking forward to riding the Tour de Moore Century down around Pinehurst, North Carolina.  The Sandhills Cycle Club has not yet announced the 2010 event but it’s usually held on Labor Day and is always well run and has a great turnout.

The following Friday we fly out to Seattle and spend a couple of days at the Rainier Mountaineering Festival on September 11th and 12th prior to beginning a 4 day summit climb with Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. If all goes well, we’ll be standing on the summit of Mount Rainier on September 18th!

Looking a bit further ahead, I’m starting to work out the logistics of a circumnavigation of Lake Superior in the Spring of 2011.  This has been on my “Bucket List” ever since I rode around Lake Ontario in 1998.  Looking even further down the road, I’m seriously considering a Himalayan Trek with a guide company like Mountain Madness, Himalayan Experience,  or International Mountain Guides in 2012.

As the now defunct National Geographic Adventure magazine’s tagline used to say: “Dream It, Plan It, Do It”.  It all starts with the dream.

Biking Hiking Kayaking Travel

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