Two Weeks and Counting…


Less than two weeks before I hit the road to Acadia and boy, am I ready.

In my original planning, I thought it would be fun to take a day trip from Bar Harbor over to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia via the Cat Ferry just to do a little biking but, unfortunately, the ferry schedule only allows for about 4 hours before the return trip.  Now I’m thinking about shortening the stay in Acadia (after all, I was there last year) and making a trip around the Bay of Fundy.  Maybe a couple of days at Cove Ocean Front Campground (Parker’s Cove just north of Yarmouth) and then a couple of days at Fundy National Park.  If I have enough time, I might finish the trip at Hidden Springs Campground and try to do a little hiking in Baxter State Park before heading home.

But then again, this whole plan may get tossed out the window depending on weather, traffic, or possibly finding something even more interesting once I’m on the road.  That’s the beauty of travelling alone.

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