More Biking in the Great Dismal Swamp


Well, I thought this would be a easy 17 mile loop on a Saturday afternoon – but 90+ degree temperatures seem to be able to make anything a bit more challenging.

I arrived at the Jericho Lane parking area around noon and headed north on Jericho Ditch. A quick right on Williamson Ditch heading east for about 4.75 miles and then south on the East Ditch for about 5 miles. At this point, things slowed down a bit. The Camp Ditch has apparently be closed to motor vehicles for a while and the road is not as hard-packed as the rest. About 2.25 miles and then northwest on the Jericho Ditch back to the parking area.

A good ride but I should have got an earlier start. Tomorrow I plan to load up the kayak and check out Lake Drummond.

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