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There’s no doubt that I have a predilection for “circumnavigation”. The thought of doing an “out and back” ride or run is in itself enough to make me stay on the couch. There’s something just a bit more fulfilling about completing a route “around” something. Maybe it’s the same thing that causes some folks to want to climb things. I guess I just prefer to go around them. In any case, I found something new to go around.

I headed down the North Carolina coast and stayed at one of the nicest little campgrounds I’ve ever visited – Cedar Point in the Croatan National Forest. It’s got about 40 sites, all nicely paved, and with electrical hookups. It’s located in the southwest corner of the Croatan National Forest about a mile north of Cape Carteret and Emerald Isle.

Friday afternoon I had just enough time to get in a 27 mile ride around the bay that borders the western edge of the forest and through Swansboro. On Saturday morning I got out fairly early and headed east on 24 toward Morehead City and found reasonably light traffic and a nice shoulder most of the way before taking the bridge over to the beaches and the “Crystal Coast”. Just to be able to say I’d cycled the entire length of the island, I first turned left and visited Fort Macon State Park.  After a short break, I began the ride “down” the coast. Typical North Carolina coastline, I’m actually cycling slightly southwest but on a road called “58 North”. After passing though the towns of Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, and Emerald Isle, I continued on to “The Point” at the western end of the island. A short ride over the bridge and I’m back at Cedar Point enjoying an ice cold beer.

Biking Travel

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