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Hosting GraphHopper on Heroku

My project to virtually circumnavigate Lake Superior is now complete. At some point during the project, however, I noticed that the site was no longer showing the distance remaining nor the likely route from the last end-point to the original starting point. Since the mapping was done via Leaflet, I was using an add-on called

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World Marathon Majors…

by bicycle… in my house… That’s right, in my house. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever run a single marathon, much less the six Abbott World Marathon Majors spread across 4 countries. And although I could certainly cycle those 6 iconic routes, that’s not likely to happen, either. That’s where Rouvy comes in. As I near

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Heading to Virtual Canada

I’ve made the turn at Duluth and cruising along the (virtual) Minnesota shoreline on my way to Canada. At 565 miles, I’m getting close to the halfway point around the lake. Even from virtual experience, it looks like the northwest side of Lake Superior is likely to provide the most enjoyable leg of the journey.