DCRainmaker and GPLama are Back at Eurobike

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Eurobike is back for 2022 in the new location of Frankfurt, Germany. This video is a recap/overview of a lot of the new tech that caught our eye at the show on day 1.

Day 1

Eurobike 2022 Day 2 // Recap with GPLama and DCRainmaker

Eurobike 2022 Day 2 Recap – We’re on foot today in the new Eurobike location of Frankfurt, Germany. Today we covered a number of new things and spent more time with some products to get a better understanding of how they tick. Thanks again to @Dcrainmaker for joining in on this one.

Day 2

Informative and entertaining recap of the 2 days that Ray Maker (DCRainmaker) and Shane Miller (GPLama) spent wandering around Eurobike.

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