Channeling Daniel Schiffer with LumaFusion and StoryBlocks


I’ve always been highly impressed with the creations of Daniel Schiffer and having recently grabbed an 11-Inch iPad Pro, it seemed like a great time to check out StoryBlocks and LumaFusion while using some of Daniel’s work projects for learning about both.

Here’s a quick product video using a single photograph, 2 video clips and 2 audio clips from StoryBlocks, and done entirely within LumaFusion. Nothing special but not too bad for a first attempt and, from start to finish, took about an hour.

Athletic Brewing

First attempt at a product type video using with LumaFusion, iPad Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, and StoryBlocks

At this point, I’m pretty impressed with LumaFusion and its ability to produce quality videos on my iPad. The only feature that would have been handy for the video above is free-hand masking. It wouldn’t surprise me to see that in a future update.

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