I recently did a day trip to York River State Park to check out the hiking and mountain biking trails and stumbled onto something kind of neat. I noticed a odd contraption mounted on the railing an overlook for viewing Taskinas Creek. As you can in the photo, you place your smartphone in the cradle and take a picture. You then email it to the a subject line that designates the particular station – in my case, CBV101. There’s usually a little sign beneath the bracket that gives the simple instructions and probably indicates who is sponsoring the site.

A minute or two later I received a confirmation email with a link allowing me to watch the timelapse. This particular station has been active since March of 2021 and has almost 300 images submitted by 220 folks.

More information (including a map of the location of all the brackets) can be found at Check it out, see if any are near you, and get your photos in the timelapse.


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