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App Feature Updates: Quick Menu & Merge/Unmerge Workouts | Final Surge Blog

We are happy to announce two new iOS and Android app features that we have just released. The first new feature is our new Quick Menu functionality.

In addition to the updates to the mobile app described in the blog post, there’s been some recent updates to the beta version of the web-based application as well. The “Analyze” link at the top of the popup gives a complete overview of the workout with all the metrics you’d expect to find: heart rate, power, cadence, as well as running dynamics such as vertical oscillation and ground contact time.

There still seems to be a few things that can’t be updated without going back to the non-beta version. For example; routes, equipment, warm-up & cool-down, and weather (basically, the 4 panels on the left of the “Update Workout” screen). If they’re available, I’ve yet to find them. But considering the frequency of recent updates, I suspect those items will find their way into the beta version relatively soon.

I highly recommend Final Surge for those looking for something a bit better than Garmin Connect and fits nicely between the free and paid versions of TrainingPeaks. For more information about Final Surge, visit my Final Surge Likes & Dislikes page.

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