Frisco Camping


I hadn’t gotten quite enough of the Outer Banks and Rodanthe so I hitched up the A-Liner and headed down to my favorite National Park Service Campground at Frisco. Although it’s similar in size and layout to the other 3 NPS campgrounds, Frisco has some contour which allows some sites to be high enough to actually have a view of the ocean over the dunes – very rare on the Outer Banks. I was fortunate enough to get one of my favorite sites.

An interesting highlight of the weekend was meeting the folks camped across from me. Even though they were in a very nice Class A motor coach, they seemed fascinated by my Aliner. Granted, it’s not uncommon for folks to be curious what’s inside an A-Liner – but it’s usually tent campers – not someone staying in a first-class RV. After giving them a peek inside, they invited me over to take a look at their rig. As it turns out, he had bought the RV used for a whopping $7K, did about $10K in renovations which included adding solar panels and, on top of that, was using Starlink RV. In true geek fashion, he fired up Speedtest on his phone to show me how fast Starlink was. Sure enough, he was getting well over 100 Mbps download – better than his home Verizon FIOS service. Now he and his wife are basically working from the road. Not a bad way to live!

He was also really into sky watching – especially passes of the International and Chinese Space Stations. Now I’m hooked as well. There’s just something really inspiring about seeing the space station pass over and you can’t find a much better place than the Outer Banks for a dark sky.

There’s the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and then there’s the Frisco Boardwalk. I think I prefer this one.

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