Garmin Releases fēnix® 6 Line of Watches


Garmin Fenix 6 Series In-Depth Review

It’s no coincidence that in just a few hours one of the toughest trail running races on earth – UTMB – will begin in Chamonix, France. The journey will take competitors on a 171KM loop with literal mountains of elevation climb. Garmin specifically chose today, and in particular – their location of Chamonix to launch the Fenix 6 series.

Following the release of Garmin’s new Forerunners, the 45, 245, and 945, the talk quickly turned to speculation about the features, price, and timing of an inevitable release of a new fēnix® line of watches – presumably the fēnix® 6.

Well, the wait is over and, as usual, the fastest and most comprehensive review on the Internet is courtesy of Ray over at DC Rainmaker. I don’t expect to be adding a fēnix® 6 to my collection anytime soon as my Forerunner 945 as well as all the other goodies in my gear closet will keep me busy for a while. But based on DCR’s review, I suspect the fēnix® 6 line will do well for Garmin and find a lot of folks still rocking fēnix® 3’s or basic fēnix® 5’s looking to upgrade.

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