Garmin Releases fēnix® 6 Line of Watches


Garmin Fenix 6 Series In-Depth Review

Garmin’s latest Fenix series watch now includes solar power, but how well does it work? And what’s PacePro all about? Here’s everything you wanted to know.

Following the release of Garmin’s new Forerunners, the 45, 245, and 945, the talk quickly turned to speculation about the features, price, and timing of an inevitable release of a new fēnix® line of watches – presumably the fēnix® 6.

Well, the wait is over and, as usual, the fastest and most comprehensive review on the Internet is courtesy of Ray over at DC Rainmaker. I don’t expect to be adding a fēnix® 6 to my collection anytime soon as my Forerunner 945 as well as all the other goodies in my gear closet will keep me busy for a while. But based on DCR’s review, I suspect the fēnix® 6 line will do well for Garmin and find a lot of folks still rocking fēnix® 3’s or basic fēnix® 5’s looking to upgrade.

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