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I’ve now used the Trend for 4 days and recorded 6 activities (walking) and I have to say, I’m a bit dispointed.

The treadmill activity, after calibrating against an NPE Runn module, is reasonably accurate. Outdoor walking, however, is rather puzzling. Even with the connected GPS (Pixel 7 Pro), the distance is about 12% off (1.34 vs. 1.51 compared to an Epix 2 recording). The GPS track is nowhere near as clean as that of the Epix but that, I assume, is an issue with the Pixel 7 Pro. It appears, however, as if the distance being recorded by the vivomove is not using the GPS data. I generally get about 2,200 steps/mile and the vivomove is hitting 1 mile at about 1,950 (which is consistent with the distance discrepancy). Even though Custom Stride Length is in the Activity Tracking settings, unlike the Epix, it doesn’t appear to be using it.

Although I’m not as concerned about the heart rate measurement at this point, it did seem to much more variation (spikes and valleys) than I see for a comparable walk with the Epix. I want to try it a few more times with the band tightened up a notch or two and see if makes a difference before I come to any conclusions.

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