Hiking in Fundy National Park


I arrived at Fundy National Park late Friday night and managed to find the Chignecto North Campground.  Fortunately the entrance station was still open and I was able to register and get a site.

Sunday morning dawned cold and windy so I pretty much ruled out biking or kayaking.  I drove to the visitor center, picked up a detailed trail map, and put together a long loop to hike.  Starting directly from my campsite, I crossed the park road to the Whitetail Trail, then on to the Coastal Trail, and returned on the Tippon Lot Trails for just over 9 miles round-trip. This was quite a contrast to the trails in Acadia NP. Although there are some short, steep sections, there’s nothing technical and almost the entire hike is in thick forest.

After resting a bit, I drove down to Wolfe Point just in time to catch a sunset. It’s pretty amazing to be walking around in a place that just 6 hours earlier was 15 feet under water.

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