Horn Point to Lotus Garden Park


I arrived at Lotus Garden Park around 10:30. Apparently, quite a few other paddlers had the same idea as there were about 6 vehicles already in the lot. Most had just arrived so I decided to head down to Horn Point and see what was going on down there. With only a couple of cars in the parking lot, I decided to launch from the sand bar and paddle up to Lotus Gardens Park – same route, different direction.

As expected, I met those folks who had launched at Lotus Garden Park as I headed up Ashville Bridge Creek. I probably passed at last a dozen paddlers – the most I’ve seen on any particular trip. I also passed one kayaker talking on a cell phone – another first. Update (9/9/07): Today I received my first phone call from a kayaker. A friend called from somewhere on the Cape Fear River to brag about what a good time he was having.

Arriving at Lotus Garden Park, I had no idea the Lotuses were so thick and continued so far from the park – at least 100 yards. Beautiful flowers. It must be quite a sight when a lot of them are in bloom.

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