Isle of Wight County Road Ride


Nothing special this weekend – just a nice road ride in Isle of Wight County beginning in Smithfield.  Having no experience in this part of the state, I put together the route using Garmin Basecamp, loaded into the Edge 800, and set off for an early Sunday morning ride.  Although the route loaded into the Edge, I didn’t get the turn-by-turn navigation.  I haven’t tested it yet, but I assumed that selecting “Routes” in the “Select what you would like to send:” dialog would be sufficient.  Oh well, the route was on the display so it wasn’t difficult to stay on course.

It’s a nice route and would be easy enough to lengthen or shorten as desired.  Nice farmland and, at least on a Sunday morning, not much traffic.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single convenience store of gas station along the route after leaving Smithfield so take plenty of water.


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