Lake Erie Tour – Final Route and Thoughts…


Here’s the final route taken around Lake Erie.  The green and blue segments designate alternate days on the bicycle. The yellow segment (Windsor, Ontario to Toledo, Ohio) was taken via a rental car.

For the most part, all the gear performed well. A few things, however, will be changed before the next lake in the “Great Lakes Project”.

  • The Specialized TriCross rode well and performed flawlessly. The seat, however, is not a touring seat. A Brooks B-17 was immediately ordered on my return.
  • The Arkel GT-18 Panniers worked really well.  It would have been nice to have a bit more space but, then again, more space leads to more weight.  I probably will go ahead and get a pair of GT-54s to have the option for a bit more clothing next time.  I really don’t see myself needing both front and rear panniers, but having the set could come in handy.
  • Although I didn’t camp a single night, I did have the tent (MSR Hubba-Hubba), sleeping bag, and pad if necessary.  Next time, if I don’t anticipate consecutive nights of camping, I’ll opt for the lighter and smaller 1-man Hubba.
  • The Garmin Edge 800 worked really well but I probably should have gone ahead and gotten the latest North American map data – mostly for the latest POIs. Additionally, it’s battery life is right at the limit for an all-day tour. A portable (possibly solar) battery pack would have been useful for charging during a rest stop.
  • I really need better rain gear. The Performance jacket would be fine for getting caught in the rain during a training ride but isn’t breathable enough for touring in light rain on a warm day. I was quickly wetter beneath the jacket than had I not been wearing it. My old Burley pants were losing the inner rubberized lining even before the tour.  Time to do some research…
  • Miscellaneous clothing. A few items will be different next time: a second pair of regular cycling shorts, leg-warmers instead of long cycling pants, a better (more touring-friendly) long-sleeve jersey, etc.

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