Likes & Dislikes: Zwift on AppleTV 4K

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As usual, this is not a review or recommendation. It’s simply an ongoing list of the features and capabilities that I like and dislike about using Zwift on an Apple TV 4K. Your mileage may vary…

What I Like…

  • Price: You simply can’t find a more cost-effective platform for running Zwift
  • Setup. With the exception of the Bluetooth limitation (described below), the setup is about as painless as possible.

What I Dislike…

  • In order to get around the ATV’s limitation of only allowing 2 additional bluetooth devices, you’ll either need to use the Zwift Companion App or a bridging device such as CABLE or the Viiiiva 4iiii heart-rate strap.
  • The remote, while perfectly suited for scrolling through lists of media, is simply no replacement for a keyboard and mouse when it comes to using an application like Zwift.
  • Streaming music apps like Spotify and Deezer aren’t available for Apple TV. You can obviously use iTunes, but if you want to listen to Spotify, you have to have an iOS device and choose your ATV as the output device.

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