Mountain Biking at Beaverdam Reservoir Park


After paddling on Friday and road biking on Saturday, I thought I’d finish out the weekend with some mountain biking. Although the forecast was for isolated thunderstorms beginning in the late morning, I took a chance that they’d isolate themselves somewhere other than above me. A quick glance through a guidebook and I decided to check out Beaverdam Reservoir Park in Gloucester.

A series of multi-use trails beginning at the western entrance at Fary’s Mill Road (606) extend all the way around the eastern side of the reservoir to the main park entrance on Roaring Springs Road (616) for approximately 9.5 miles. The first 3.5 miles include 7 loops that provide additional opportunities to create out-and-back rides with a minimum of repeated terrain. The trail consists of mostly level single track, with a few short climbs to keep you entertained.

Once again, the 90+ degree temperatures, combined with my fitness level, conspired against me. I really hoped to do the complete out-and-back (about 19 miles) but it was just too hot. Making it as far as Swan bridge, I decided to call it quits and head back for a total of 6 miles. I’ll give it another shot when the temperature gets a little more tolerable.

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