An interesting approach to quantifying the quality and quantity of one’s exposure to nature. In other words, just how beneficial was that walk in the park versus a stroll down a city street.


Delivering technology to assess and promote nature exposure. Makers of NatureScore® and the NatureDose® app.

Earlier this year they released a Strava integration that automatically adds a description to your outdoor activities indicating the NatureDose and NatureScore earned.

They now have an Android/iOS app in early-access that provides the same measurement 24/7. Just install the app, give it the necessary permissions, and forget about it. Pretty straight-forward. It does seem to record some outdoor minutes while indoors (or maybe driving, I’m not sure). Other than that, it seems pretty stable.

So, if you’re a nature/data geek, have a 2022 goal to spend a bit more time outdoors, or just looking for a fun way to measure your time in nature, give it try.

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