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If money were not an object, I’d own a lot of watches.  I like watches.  And very few of them would be digital watches. I just like the classic, timeless (no pun intended) design of traditional analog watches. My dresser would be covered with Rolexes, Brietlings, TAG Heuers, and more. Choosing which watch to wear would be daily dilemma. Back in the real world, however, money is an object so the collection is limited to a single Rolex Submariner, a classic Casio G-Shock, a Timex Performanc Dive, and a Suunto Observer.

The latest addition to the collection is the Timex Expedition Trail. This watch caught my eye in the June/July 2009 issue of National Geographic Adventure.  Unfortunately, the review failed to mention that the watch was so new that none of the normal Timex retailers would have it (or even be aware of its existence).  I finally broke down and ordered it directly from Timex.  As luck would have it, Timex was running a “Back to School 2009” special which gave me a $25 discount off the MSRP of $125.

After 6 weeks of use (including my 12-day roadtrip in September), I have to say that this watch lives up to its billing. The stainless steel case is bombproof and rated watertight down to 328 feet, the mineral glass face is very scratch-resistant, and it’s stylish enough for work but still shows off your “adventurous” side.  In addition to the date display, there’s a 30 minute chronograph with 1/20 second accuracy and two alarm modes (over 60 minutes and under 60 minutes). If you’re looking for a stylish, rugged, and classic analog watch, check out the Timex Expedition Trail.

Gear Reviews

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