Tsali Mountain Biking Weekend

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I wound up with a couple of free days last week so I talked a friend into taking a bit of time off and joining me for a long weekend of mountain biking at Tsali.  I never like to risk driving 8 hours only to show up and find a full campground on a Friday evening so we arrived on Thursday to a practically vacant facility.  As usual, folks started to roll in pretty steadily by Friday evening but the campground never did fill up completely.  In addition to the damaging storms that had come through the area a few days prior, the questionable forecast may have kept some folks away. The temperatures, however, were perfect – highs in the 80’s and lows in the 60’s.

Having logged about a thousand fewer miles this year compared to my visit last July, we weren’t up for quite as much riding.  Tsali is still worth the trip, however.  Even with the recent storms, the trails were in great shape with only a few trees down.  I’m sure those will be cleaned up soon.

Now I’m even more anxious to get up to Pennsylvania and check out Allegrippis.  The only question is do I hold off until my September road-trip or try to get up there sooner.

Biking Travel

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