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I had such a great time yesterday (with my mini “Acadian Triathlon”) that I really wanted to get back out and do some more hiking and biking. The legs, however, thought that today was more suited for a whale watching tour. The legs won out.

I had wanted to go out on one these tours anyway–and and since Thursday would be spent mostly traveling–this would be my last chance. I wound getting one of the last tickets for a 1PM tour on the Bar Harbor Whale Watch’s Friendship V catamaran. Did a little walking around Bar Harbor and boarded the boat at 12:30.

According to the naturalist, the recent hurricanes had disrupted the whales’ patterns and they were a bit harder to find. We did, however, sight two Fin whales and were able to stay in the area long enough to see a few dives each. We then left the area known as “The Ball Park” and headed toward Mount Desert Rock where we got a nice description of the history of the lighthouse and the recent hurricane damage.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in whales, sea life, or nature in general consider taking one of these tours. The naturalist is very enlightening and you’ll definitely come away with some new insight into the ocean world. Well worth the price of the ticket.

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