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Not to be left out, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to give my thoughts on Zwift’s new route, Titan’s Grove. Complete with a handful of pretty screenshots, of course.

There are several ways to get to Titan’s Grove relatively quickly but I chose the 12.5 loop called Sand And Sequoias which starts out with about 6 miles of the new desert route, Tempus Fugit. The loop makes for a nice quick workout with the first half being flat and fast providing a nice warm-up for the second half through Titan’s Grove and its 3 short climbs. The entire circuit has a total of of 569 feet of climbing with almost all of it being within Titan’s Grove, averaging only about 2 percent gradient throughout.

zwifts new route titans grove
Selecting Sand And Sequoias

After about 6 flat miles of sandstone, wildflowers, and the iconic dinosaur statue…

zwift route tempus fugit
The flat and fast route, Tempus Fugit

you quickly transition to a lush green Forest of redwoods.

zwifts new route titans grove
The redwoods of forestTitan’s Grove

As you begin climbing to the route’s summit, you enter a foggy and misty stretch of forest. You can almost feel the chill in air.

zwift titan's grove misty forest
Cycling through the mist on the way to the summit

Unlike Tempus Fugit, the dinosaurs in Titan’s Grove are real (in a virtual kind of way, of course). Fortunately, they seem to be content to just go about the business. No Jurassic Park drama at this point.

zwift titan's grove dinosaurs
The prehistoric residents of Titan’s Grove

And then you descend back to the valley.

zwifts new route titans grove
Descending back to the valley

As you can see from this aerial view, Titan’s Grove is composed of lots of rolling switchbacks which, in my opinion, makes the new route one of the most immersive and engaging Zwift has developed.

zwift titan's grove switchbacks
Lots of switchbacks

Just prior to exiting Titan’s Grove and re-entering Tempus Fugit, you’ll pass through some beautiful hot springs.

zwift titan's grove hot springs
Finishing up at the Hot Sulphur Springs


With it’s rolling profile, short but challenging summit, and switchbacks galore, I think Titan’s Grove is one of the most immersive and entertaining routes in all of Watopia. What do you think of Zwift’s new route? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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