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VirtuGO Update

It’s been a while since I’d tried VirtuGO so with the release of beta, I’d thought I’d see if it had made any progress. Unfortunately, my primary complaints are unchanged. The gradients happen way too suddenly as there’s no sense of “momentum” when transitioning between ascents and descents or vice-versa. Even the sections that

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The Great Lakes at Ten Miles an Hour It’s like reading the journal I wish I’d kept during my four Great Lake trips.  Hopefully when the opportunity to get around Lake Superior presents itself, I’ll do a bit better. In the meantime, this book makes for some great reminiscing and motivation.

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Zwift Android Beta The long-awaited Android version of Zwift has finally hit the Play Store. Although it’s a beta release, it seems reasonably stable. As usual, the most comprehensive review on the Internet is via DC Rainmaker.  But here’s a quick rundown of my early testing. I installed it on my Pixel 2 as well as a