Garmin Releases fēnix® 6 Line of Watches

Following the release of Garmin’s new Forerunners, the 45, 245, and 945, the talk quickly turned to speculation about the features, price, and timing of an inevitable release of a new fēnix® line of watches – presumably the fēnix® 6. Well, the wait is over and, as usual, the fastest and most comprehensive review on


Garmin Sleep Tracking

Over on the Garmin sub-reddit (/r/Garmin), whenever someone asks about the sleep monitoring of their new device, invariably someone will respond with something like “Garmin’s sleep tracking is crap” or “it’s not nearly as good as my Fitbit was”. All I can say is, it works pretty well for me. The two images shown below

Running Tech

Garmin CIQ App: Race Screen

If you race anything longer than 5K’s, you’ve invariably noticed that your GPS distance rarely matches up with the mile markers stationed along the course. We all accept the inherent error with GPS distance, but when it gets large enough to throw off your pacing, it gets a bit frustrating. Enter Race Screen to the