Biking Tech

Hosting GraphHopper on Heroku

My project to virtually circumnavigate Lake Superior is now complete. At some point during the project, however, I noticed that the site was no longer showing the distance remaining nor the likely route from the last end-point to the original starting point. Since the mapping was done via Leaflet, I was using an add-on called


OpenSSL, Podman, NGINX, and more

Background As a web developer managing multiple sites hosted on a variety of platforms and ISPs, Docker (and now Podman) greatly simplified my workflow by allowing each development environment to perfectly match its production environment (web server, PHP version, etc.). My primary Linux workstation simply runs one container for NGINX and an additional container for


Bit the Bullet and Cut the Cord

Yeah, it’s not about fitness. In fact, it’s probably about as close to anti-fitness as you can get–but it is geeky so what the heck. I finally decided to see if I could save a few bucks by dropping my Verizon television account and become a Cord Cutter. I started by subscribing to Youtube TV


Twitter for Outdoor Enthusiasts

In addition to the web sites listed on the right, here’s a handful of Twitter accounts that an outdoor enthusiast may find useful. Hiking Upward – A group of avid hikers who enjoy the wonderful forests and parks in the mid-Atlantic states. Backpacker Magazine – The Twitter home of BACKPACKER Magazine,, and their blogs