Whale Watching Tour

I had such a great time yesterday (with my mini “Acadian Triathlon”) that I really wanted to get back out and do some more hiking and biking. The legs, however, thought that today was more suited for a whale watching tour. The legs won out. I had wanted to go out on one these tours

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My Acadian Triathlon

After yesterday’s hike, I was really wanting to put together another nice climb—but I also wanted to do some more biking and/or paddling. Some many choices. But that’s the great thing about Acadia—there’s so much to do in such a small area. I put together a “triathlon” of sorts (hike, paddle, and bike) all originating


Hiking Cadillac Mountain

I wasn’t really interested in doing any paddling today so I put together a nice hiking loop starting at a parking area just south of a lake called “The Tarn” on Highway 3. After a short connecting trail, I took the Canon Brook trail for 1.8 miles before turning north on the South Cadillac Trail

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Here at Last!

I’ve been looking forward to getting back up to Acadia National Park from the moment I got home after last year’s trip–and I’m finally back. Friday’s drive went pretty much as expected. I got out pretty early and with the exception of about 15 miles of congestion in Connecticut, made pretty good time and pulled


Two Weeks and Counting…

Less than two weeks before I hit the road to Acadia and boy, am I ready. In my original planning, I thought it would be fun to take a day trip from Bar Harbor over to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia via the Cat Ferry just to do a little biking but, unfortunately, the ferry schedule only