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Roadtrip Recap

Acadia National Park: Still my favorite all-around National Park. The ability to hike, bike, and kayak within minutes of Bar Harbor (as well as the other towns located on Mount Desert Island) makes this an outstanding destination for an “active” vacation. It’s one of the few places where I’ve taken the equipment for all three

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Cat Ferry to Nova Scotia

I wasn’t able to make a reservation for the Cat Ferry to Nova Scotia since the needed the height and length of both the truck and trailer to compute the charge. I was assured that it wouldn’t be full but still needed to be at the terminal by 7AM. It sure is nice to be

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My Acadian Triathlon

After yesterday’s hike, I was really wanting to put together another nice climb—but I also wanted to do some more biking and/or paddling. Some many choices. But that’s the great thing about Acadia—there’s so much to do in such a small area. I put together a “triathlon” of sorts (hike, paddle, and bike) all originating

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Here at Last!

I’ve been looking forward to getting back up to Acadia National Park from the moment I got home after last year’s trip–and I’m finally back. Friday’s drive went pretty much as expected. I got out pretty early and with the exception of about 15 miles of congestion in Connecticut, made pretty good time and pulled


Mountain Biking at Beaverdam Reservoir Park

After paddling on Friday and road biking on Saturday, I thought I’d finish out the weekend with some mountain biking. Although the forecast was for isolated thunderstorms beginning in the late morning, I took a chance that they’d isolate themselves somewhere other than above me. A quick glance through a guidebook and I decided to