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VirtuGO Update

It’s been a while since I’d tried VirtuGO so with the release of beta, I’d thought I’d see if it had made any progress. Unfortunately, my primary complaints are unchanged. The gradients happen way too suddenly as there’s no sense of “momentum” when transitioning between ascents and descents or vice-versa. Even the sections that

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Zwift Android Beta The long-awaited Android version of Zwift has finally hit the Play Store. Although it’s a beta release, it seems reasonably stable. As usual, the most comprehensive review on the Internet is via DC Rainmaker.  But here’s a quick rundown of my early testing. I installed it on my Pixel 2 as well as a

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Although I’ve never been particularly bothered by a chest-strap type heart rate monitor, I decided to give the Mio LINK ANT+/Bluetooth Smart optical heart rate wrist band a try.  The Garmin straps, especially the HRM-Run, have been very reliable and generally problem-free.  But, it’s always fun to get a new toy so I thought I check it


Twitter for Outdoor Enthusiasts

In addition to the web sites listed on the right, here’s a handful of Twitter accounts that an outdoor enthusiast may find useful. Hiking Upward – A group of avid hikers who enjoy the wonderful forests and parks in the mid-Atlantic states. Backpacker Magazine – The Twitter home of BACKPACKER Magazine,, and their blogs